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ff13_icons's Journal

Final Fantasy 13 Icons Community
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to ff13_icons! As you can see, this community is for posting all of your Final Fantasy 13 icons from all FF13 games. Membership is open, and your posts will be submitted automatically. This is not a community that will filter posts and decide who gets to post and all that type of stuff. It's completely open! Just please, please, please read and follow the rules that we do have. If you do, we know everyone will all get along!

You guys can begin posting icons as soon as you join!
01: All icons in this community should be Final Fantasy XIII-related.
02: If you are linking to multi-fandom posts, please have at least one teaser show a Final Fantasy XIII-related icon.
03: Requests are allowed, but please understand that your request may not be fulfilled.
04: Posting tutorials is fine. Just make sure it's a tutorial featuring a Final Fantasy XIII picture.
05: Promoting your own communities is fine, as long as it is final fantasy related in some. It does not specifically have to be for Final Fantasy XIII; it can be anything Final Fantasy.
06: Be sure to follow individual icon makers' rules regarding their icons. Do not credit this community for icons.
07: For posts with more than three icons, please use an lj-cut.
08: Be polite to everyone in this community. Do not start any drama.
09: It's not applicable now, but in the future know that all spoiler icons will be required to be placed behind an lj-cut.

If a post does not follow one of these rules, you get a warning. If someone is continually breaking the rules they will be banned. Mods reserve the right to change the rules at any time.
techno: the founder of this community and the head mod. She has turned over the running of this comm to the other two mods.

luke_delacour: You can call me Luke and my contact is lucasrls@hotmail.com. Feel free to post in my journal or e-mail me if you have any questions or concerns.

replica: I go by replica these days, and I can be contacted at jibun_revolution {at] yahoo [dot} com. Alternately, you can leave a comment on one of my public lj posts if you wish.
If you wish to be an affiliate, please email Luke: lucasrls@hotmail.com (There will be an affiliation post in the future).

Current Affiliates:
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